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January News about the Su Beng Project

Since December I've been working on putting together a video clip highlighting some of the footage I've shot of Su Beng over the years.

While I was home for the holidays in December, I enlisted the help of my parents in editing the English version of Su Beng's book TAIWAN'S 400 YEAR HISTORY. I needed their help with translation since I've had to refer back to Su Beng's latest Chinese language version of the book, THE TAIWANESE PEOPLE'S 400 YEARS OF HISTORY (台彎人四百年史) aka TAIWAN'S 400 YEAR HISTORY.

Early last year I was in Taiwan, thanks to the contributors of the Making History crowdfunding campaign,  I witnessed and experienced the historic Sunflower Movement and occupation of the Legislative Yuan. 

I was also extremely fortunate to be with Su Beng the first time he entered the chambers of the occupied Legislative Yuan, and of course I was ready and armed with my HD video camera in hand.

While I was in Taiwan I met film director Lihkuei Chen, who was working on a documentary about Su Beng and she asked me if she could use the footage that I shot of Su Beng inside of the Legislative Yuan in her documentary. Of course I said yes. I was thrilled to be able to contribute something to her documentary.

A little over a week ago I learned that my footage has actually been included in the trailer for Lihkuei's documentary "Su Beng, the Revolutionist" (史明紀錄片「革命進行式」), and that the film has been set to be released February 26, 2105. The footage can be watched on YouTube here:

My footage appears at the 2:16-2:50 mark of the trailer. You'll see scenes of Su Beng inside of the occupied Legislative Yuan, speaking to Sunflower Movement student leader Lin Fei-Fan and then addressing all of the activists camped in the Legislative Yuan chambers. The footage looks a lot better than I remember. It's amazing what some great video editing can produce. I can't wait to see the entire film.


News about the Su Beng documentary

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