Photo credit: Ariane Hunter

Photo credit: Ariane Hunter

While living in in Taiwan from 2001-2007 I began to understand what was behind my creative blocks and finally got onto the path to fulfilling my dream of becoming a writer. I've always wanted to write books and now I have two book projects underway!

My first novel, Metropolicks, which I have co-written with Victor Scott Rodriguez, is a romantic comedy novel and it is currently available as an ebook on Amazon, the Apple iBookstoreKobo and Barnes & Noble as a Nook Book. The novel centers around the dating adventures and misadventures of five main characters who are single, multi-ethnic and live in New York City. Visit our website for news, updates and everything else related to Metropolicks.

My other book project is the biography of Su Beng who I first “discovered” in 2003. Su is a Taiwanese nonagenarian revolutionary, former undercover Chinese Communist agent, would-be assassin of Chiang Kai-Shek, lifelong Taiwan independence activist, historian and author of Taiwan’s 400 Years of History. In 2013 I successfully raised over $15,000 through the Making History: Story of Su Beng crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo. Learn more about him and my project to document his life by visiting my website

I would describe myself as an introvert masquerading as an extrovert. While I love meeting new people and making things happen through the things that I do and events that I organize, if you put me in a room of strangers, I will be one of the shyest people in the room. But I thrive on making ideas come to life, connecting people and sharing resources with others. If you'd like to know what else I'm up to, you can hear me as the host of the Talking Taiwan podcast.


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I tweet about social media, entrepreneurship, technology, Taiwan, the occasional photo of street art and flowers- my favorite things to photograph, and events I'm attending or organizing.