Felicia Lin is a Taiwanese American writer, and also wears a lot of hats as a crowdfunding and social media strategist, the biographer of Su Beng, and host of the Talking Taiwan podcast

She was born in Fairbanks, Alaska and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The diaspora of her parents' generation has fueled her lifelong curiosity and interest in Taiwan. In 2001, she decided to leave New York City to live in Taiwan, where she got on the path to fulfilling her dream of becoming a writer. 

There she "discovered" Su Beng in 2003, after reading an article written by him that had been translated and published in the Taipei Times newspaper. She was so intrigued by his personal story- having spent seven years in China working with the Chinese Communists, plotting to assassinate Chiang Kai-shek, and escaping to Japan where he wrote TAIWAN’S 400 YEAR HISTORY- that she knew that she wanted to meet this "living legend." The two met in 2004 and since then Felicia has been documenting the life of Su Beng through interviews, video and audio recordings. A biography and documentary about Su Beng are currently in the works. To learn more about Felicia's project to document the life of Su Beng visit: www.aboutsubeng.com

METROPOLICKS, a romantic comedy novel, which she co-wrote with Victor Scott Rodriguez, was published in November 2014. METROPOLICKS was inspired by people’s true dating experiences in New York. The novel centers around a multi-ethnic cast of five main characters that Felicia and Victor created. Each character has his or her own storyline. The result is a plot that consists of five intertwining subplots. The male and female characters take turns telling their stories of comedic situations, romantic mishaps, and risqué situations encountered. Throughout the book, the narration switches from a female character’s perspective to a male character’s. To learn more about METROPOLICKS visit: www.metropolicks.com.

Felicia is also the host of the Talking Taiwan podcast, which is an audio magazine (podcast) about interesting people who are connected to Taiwan and what they are doing. You can listen to the podcast on iTunes or catch the latest episodes on www.TalkingTaiwan.com.


I tweet about social media, entrepreneurship, technology, Taiwan, the occasional photo of flowers- my favorite thing to photograph, and events I'm attending or organizing.