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SinoVision English Channel interview about Metropolicks (January 16, 2015)

The week after the Metropolicks book release party, Victor and I were interviewed by  SinoVision English Channel's Lani Nelson. I think that they did a wonderful job with the piece! They described Metropolicks as, "the New York City romantic novel we’ve all been waiting for, retelling true stories of love, dating, and relationships of multiethnic and multinational young New Yorkers from both gender perspectives."

It was filmed at the end of a long day at work and I hadn't had time to eat dinner before the interview, so I think I was running low on energy and not as "on" as I could've been. [Lots of notes to self: to make sure that I have enough energy and am the right frame of mind for future interviews. The camera is always on and I need to be "on" whenever there's a camera in the room that could be on me.]


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