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News about the Su Beng documentary

With the help of Robin Adams, I've FINALLY finished editing a short video clip that highlights some of the key footage that I've shot of Su Beng over the years. I've sat through a few editing sessions with Robin and am slowly learning the ropes of how to do video editing. But I think that for now, I will leave video editing to the experts. 

Video editing requires a good sense of timing, and knowing how to maintain the visual interest of viewers. And when you have that vision, you will know where to decisively cut a scene. That's where Robin comes in. Robin shot and edited my crowdfunding pitch video and several of my crowdfunding update videos. Fortunately, he will be working with me to complete the documentary about Su Beng, because I need all the help I can get in the video editing department!

This latest video that Robin and I collaborated on should give you an idea of what's going to be appearing in the short documentary that I'm working on about Su Beng.

The footage in this video shows many of the significant moments that I've captured of and experienced with Su Beng. There were many "firsts," such as the first time I met Su Beng in person-when he came to Kaohsiung to speak in February of 2004, the first time I sat down to interview Su Beng at his home in New Taipei in August of 2004, and my first visit to Su Beng's noodle shop in Ikebukuro, Japan in August of 2005. There's also some very festive footage of the 10 year anniversary of Su Beng's Taiwan Independence Action Motorcade in April of 2005. And footage shot by Ho Chie Tsai of Su Beng's talk at the Taiwan Center in Rosemeade, CA in August of 2011; it was his first visit to the U.S. in nearly 20 years. Special thanks to Ho Chie and TaiwaneseAmerican.org for the use of this footage. Finally, there's some footage of the inside and outside of the occupied Legislative Yuan in Taipei, Taiwan- that I shot during the Sunflower Movement in March and April of 2014.

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