The Tao of Self Confidence podcast interview with Sheena Yap Chan

DECEMBER 21, 2017: In my interview for the Tao of Self Confidence, I spoke frankly about my journey to finding more self-confidence. I talked about the quarter-life crisis I went through before deciding to leave New York to live in Taiwan. I also talked about how things changed for me and I got on the path to write while I was in Taiwan. But all is not going to be revealed in here. If you want to hear all of the juicy details and why my podcast episode is called "The Artist's Way With Felicia Lin," you'll have to my listen to my interview on The Tao of Self Confidence podcast, which is Episode 430: The Artist’s Way with Felicia Lin.

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What I will share here is my personal definition of self-confidence, which I shared during the interview:

For me, self-confidence is knowing that no matter what, no matter how bad things get or seem, if I’m depressed, disappointed, heartbroken, feel like a failure or lost, I still know that somehow I will pull through. Things will get better, and I will figure things out. It’s the sense that I am strong enough to get through the worst, but it is also being strong enough to know when you need to ask for help or admitting that you don’t know something.

Click HERE to listen to my interview on The Tao of Self Confidence podcast.


SiriusXM Radio Show Pia Lindström Presents interview with the co-authors of Metropolicks

FEBRUARY 14, 2016: Veteran movie and theater critic, Pia Lindström interviewed Victor and I about Metropolicks and The Metropolicks We Call New York City: A Guide for Singles, and the interview aired on SiriusXM Radio on Valentine's Day. As Pia said in the interview, the book (Metropolicks) goes into everything from speed dating, sperm donors, anger management issues, drug use, and alcoholism, but Metropolicks is about much more than that with spiritual subplot lines, and five characters who each have his/her own unique path in their quest for love. If you missed out on hearing our interview, you can now listen to it here:

Sinovision English Channel TV interview about The Metropolicks We Call New York City: A Guide for Singles

January 5, 2016: SinoVision English Channel released Lani Nelson's interview with co-authors Felicia Lin and Victor Scott Rodriguez about their newest book, The Metropolicks We Call New York City: A Guide for SinglesWatch the interview to get a preview of what's inside and hear what co-authors Felicia Lin and Victor Scott Rodriguez had to say about many of the organizations, events and places mentioned in the guide which inspired the stories of Metropolicks

Liberty Times Newspaper Interview About Metropolicks

DECEMBER 1, 2015: The Liberty Times Newspaper, a Taiwan-based newspaper (自由時報) published its interview with Metropolicks co-authors Felicia Lin and Victor Scott Rodriguez.  The article appears in traditional Chinese characters, and can be read online by clicking HERE.

Interview with Stacey Stone, Host of Family Life Radio

Christian radio show host Stacey Stone

Christian radio show host Stacey Stone

JULY 28, 2015Metropolicks co-authors Felicia Lin and Victor Scott Rodriguez were interviewed by Christian radio show host Stacey Stone.

We talked about everything from what inspired the book to who wrote what and how The Journey Church is a part of the storyline. All this talk about New York made Stacey reminisce about the eight years that she lived in New York and how she used to attend The Journey. She even shared a "Metropolicks" moment that she and her husband actually experienced one day on the way to church!

Listen to the full interview by clicking HERE.

And if you'd like to actually READ some of Metropolicks,visit our 30 Days of Metropolicks tab, where you can read 30 chapters of the book.

30 Days of Metropolicks/ASIANATION Dual Launch Party at Libation on July 2, 2015

Hartiska Interview Featuring Metropolicks

FEBRUARY 20, 2015: Hartiska Magazine interview with Felicia Lin and Victor Scott Rodriguez about Metropolicks 

Hartiska is a hot, new fashion magazine and the interview appears on their website here.  

Sinovision Television Interview about Metropolicks

JANUARY 16, 2015:  SinoVision English Channel's Lani Nelson interviewed co-authors Felicia Lin and Victor Scott Rodriguez about Metropolicks. The SinoVision English Channel described Metropolicks as, "the New York City romantic novel we’ve all been waiting for, retelling true stories of love, dating, and relationships of multiethnic and multinational young New Yorkers from both gender perspectives." In the words of Victor, "There's a flavor for everybody. It's not one size fits all when it comes to dating in New York." 

Press Release: A Book Release Event Unlike Any Other For Metropolicks At Toshi's Living Room in the Flatiron Hotel on January 8, 2015

Television Interview with Donna Drake of the Live It Up! Show

NOVEMBER 27, 2014: Here's our first television interview about Metropolicks with CBS-TV show host Donna Drake for Live it Up!

Shot on location (at Maggie's Studio) at the July 24th photo shoot for the Metropolicks book cover and music videos, the segment features an interview with co-authors Felicia Lin and Victor Scott Rodriguez, and footage from the "Metropolicks Let Love Live" music video that the co-authors produced. Also featured in the video are the 15 models of the photo shoot: Jide Alao, Sarah Clark, Ryan DawaltDavide FilippiniSheila G.Mieko GaviaJason He, Lynda Hinder, Kara Xinhang Li, Andrew NicholasPrakash Patil, David Rodriguez, Gabby Jiayin She, Tina Telalyan, Pai-Sen Wang; photographer: Maggie Law, hair/makeup/wardrobe: Kristin Mirabelle and Alice Chin.

Interview with Ho Chie Tsai of

AUGUST 19, 2011: Felicia was interviewed by Ho Chie Tsai of at the Taiwan Center of the Greater Los Angeles area about her work on documenting the life of historian and life-long Taiwan independence activist Su Beng.

Featured as one of 100 Passionate PeoPle on


MAY 29, 2010: Felicia was featured as one of 100 PASSIONATE PEOPLE- a project