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A Promo for my ASIANATION Channel on FOOTPRINT.tv

On Sunday I dropped by the Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Festival, which was held on Mott Street in Chinatown this year.  I thought that would be the perfect backdrop to shoot a promo video announcing the launch of my new television channel, ASIANATION, which is on FOOTPRINT.tv.

It was a gorgeous, sunny day in New York City!

Here are some screen shots from the promo video:

And here's my promo video announcing the launch of the ASIANATION TV channel on FOOTPRINT.tv:


That day I also caught up with Caroline Shin, the host of Cooking with Granny, one of the shows on ASIANATION  and my Metropolicks co-author Victor Scott Rodriguez. Metropolicks is also now on ASIANATION.

You can watch the promo video featuring Caroline and Victor by clicking  here.

Click on this photo to watch  Cooking with Granny  on  FOOTPRINT.tv

Click on this photo to watch Cooking with Granny on FOOTPRINT.tv

Victor and I had fun on camera talking about Metropolicks.

Click on this photo to watch   Metropolicks   on  FOOTPRINT.tv .

Click on this photo to watch Metropolicks on FOOTPRINT.tv.

Metropolicks is now on the Urban Dictionary!

My recent Taiwan visit