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September 19, 2014 Metropolicks is available for pre-order!

I am excited to announce that Metropolicks, the romantic comedy novel that I've co-written with Victor Scott Rodriguez is now available on Amazon and Kobo at the special pre-order price of $5.99! After the official release date of November 23, 2014 the list price of $8.99 will apply.

There are no words to describe how real it feels now that Metropolicks is available for preorder!

Was it the moment the back cover was finished, complete with an ISBN bar code on it? Was it the moment I was able to flip through the book in ebook format on my iPad mini? Or was it the moment I saw Metropolicks available for sale on Amazon and Kobo?

The ebook conversion has been quite an ordeal. Needless to say, it has been a long road and there have been SO many milestones these past couple of weeks!

UPDATE: On September 26th we released our first promotional video Metropolicks for on the Metropolicks YouTube channel, Metropolicks Let Love Live.

METROPOLICKS ebook conversion

August 27th: Sneak peek of the first Metropolicks promo video