The ASIANATION channel on, created by yours truly, celebrates everything Asian in lifestyle, music, the arts, news and information, and much, much more. 

Here's some of the great programming that I've lined up for ASIANATION:

Launched on February 24, 2015 with Kickstarter money, "Cooking with Granny" is a new kind of cooking show-- where Anthony Bourdain meets Oprah Winfrey. Multimedia journalist Caroline Shin explores the world through New York immigrant grandmas' kitchens. You'll learn a grandma's family recipe and personal story in each 10-minute episode. Cooking with Granny can be seen on ASIANATION by clicking HERE.

Metropolicks is a sexy, romantic comedy novel co-authored by Felicia Lin and Victor Scott Rodriguez. Felicia and Victor have also collaborated in creating video content for Metropolicks ranging from music videos to interviews. Whenever the subject of dating in New York has come up, you can be sure that it's led to some lively discussion! Watch Metropolicks on ASIANATION by clicking HERE.

She lives up to her last name! Nicki Sun is a bright, burst of sunshine and a stick of dynamite you may actually want to hold. This host, actress, and producer is best known for her “Now You Know” interview series. She describes herself as a creative activist who loves to share stories. Catch Niki Sun HERE on ASIANATION


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